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Massage Therapy Business Cards:

How does a massage therapist put business cards together? Do you display your name first? Your qualifications first? And which company should you use? How do you know if they will give you stylish business cards?

Massage Therapy business cards can work well to create a professional and caring image. You can make your business cards really stand out. Its a good idea to have the kinds of images specifically designed for your massage therapy business. You can have your contact information and appointment reminder printed on the back.

When a massage therapist has lovely full color, glossy business cards they tend to give your image a boost. They may be more expensive than your average business card printed but the expense is nothing compared to what it can do for your professional image.

Beautifully presented massage business cards certainly do improve your credibility. Well presented massage business cards can improve the way people see you by the professionalism displayed on the card.

You'll find this removes the seedy attitude of massage being anything else other than a highly professional service. The people who are interested in your service cannot mistake your attitude and hard working attributes reflected in your massage business card. In a nutshell your business card must be good quality to reflect good quality.

Do Massage Business Cards Get Clients?

They are not a great massage therapy marketing tool but people do keep smoother, glossy and professional cards a lot more than cards that do not convey this professional image.

Curious about why they do not work as a client-generation tool? Your massage business cards don't educate potential clients which is why they don't work as a marketing tool, but they do work for people already looking for massage therapy.


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Designing A Massage Therapy Business Card...


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What to do:


Don’t use them as marketing tools. There’s a ‘much-ado-about-nothing’ about business cards and making them almost as important as a website or your business name. The fact is that a massage business card simply represents you, it doesn’t initiate a client to call you, or persuade a client to call you, unless that client has already made up his or her mind that they want to book a massage with you.


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This Month's Supplier Review:

Bodywork Biz Have a great range of printed business cards and appointment cards for purchase. You can see from the pictures below some samples of what they have available to those living in USA or Canada.

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Designing A Massage Therapy Business Card:
Designing a Massage Therapy business card is often a time consuming exercise. Here are some tips and advice of what to do and what not to do...  More--