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What Will Happen If You Do Not Have A Business Plan:


You have done one of these haven’t you? Good! For a minute there I thought you were going to say “a business what?” You know the statistics, frightening huh? 80% of small businesses fail in the first couple of years. Yes, Massage Therapists are included in that statistic.

The number of people I went to college with, who tried to get clients and failed, was astounding. It actually made me incredibly sad (and still does after all this time) because they were so good at massage. There were 30 in my class. At the start of the year, many discussions were flown back and forth in the cafeteria about what we wanted from our massage qualification. It was all pretty much the same. “Have my own business.”

By the end of the course we all graduated with good marks and went out on our own. A year later we had a reunion. Most people came because of the relationships we had formed with each other, not because of the new found success we all thought we imagined. Guess how many people had succeeded at making it on their own, out of 30?

Two. (Me and another girl from class.)

Sad huh? So why was this ratio so unbalanced? I worked it out. Lack of planning. The other girl and I were the only ones that had business plans. Having a business plan made us both proactive. (Business planning leads to gaining of the knowledge you need to become successful in massage therapy).

Most people (like me until I learnt the hard way) thought that you just graduate and once you tell people you do massage, that the fact that you are a Massage Therapist automatically is enough to get you clients. The common myth was that because we were now fully qualified Therapists, we’d just get clients. No plan in place, we just thought it would just happen on its own.

How uninformed of us! But you know what it really comes down to? Lack of planning. To become fully qualified and then have no plan to get clients or become successful, no goals, no action or movement, and we expected to get clients. It was not our fault, we were just uneducated.

You see when you go out on your own and you just think it’s "going to happen" and then it doesn’t, is actually very good for you. It opens you eyes to the reality of the world. I hate to say it, and it’s extremely soul destroying when it happens, but it’s a damn good lesson in what NOT to do. It just means if you don’t plan to be successful, then you won’t. It’s really quite simply actually.

You can believe in “the universe will provide” as much as you want but if you don’t plan to succeed and act, you won’t be successful. The universe doesn’t revolve around us, so we have to get off our butt and do something. We actually have to create the action for the universe to respond to us in the first place. No positive thoughts & action= no abundance client numbers.

The first thing that I suggest to do if I’ve just described you (and I was really describing myself- what I used to be like), is do a plan. I’ve got a business plan if you want one. Contact me and I’ll give it to you for free. It’s easy to follow, no big, boring, irrelevant-to-the-massage-industry words like “executive, revenue, principal”.

The most important thing is planning. Whether it be an overview of 5 years, or daily goals you get done. Whatever it is, just get moving. Make a commitment to plan to succeed.

Best of luck!

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