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How To Get More Clients Quickly If You’ve Just Opened Up Your Clinic:

sampleIt’s a pretty scary thing to open for business, especially if you’re a massage therapist, because unlike a traditional business, massage therapy is all about a service. People tend massage therapist a bit more harshly than a traditional business because massage is more personal.

But with a few successful and proven strategies you can have a great experience. The first thing to do is not panic. Panicking with inhibit your ability to be creative and stop you from seeing any potential ideas that may come your way.

The second thing to do is to do a break down of the types of clients you’ve seen in the past and work out how you can capture that kind of person in your new premises again. What types of people were they? Where they old? Young? Male? Female?  What types of things did they come to see you for? Write down a list of your target market then think about where those types of people are so you can do some advertising to those groups of people.

The third thing to remember is be proactive. Don’t sit there on your backside waiting for clients to come to you. Get out there and get them! Call some people who may have your type of client in their own businesses and talk to them. Introduce yourself to them, even come in and stop by if they are free for ten minutes.

You may find that you have success calling a physical therapist, a swim coach, a chiropractor, a dance club, a bushwalking club, a dog walking club, and I could go on. The list is endless. But you first must know who your target market is or is going to be in order to contact the appropriate sources.

The last point I’ll leave you with is that this massage marketing is not just a once-off. You need to keep doing this, at least once a month. You see, over time, clients drop off, they move house, marries, moves jobs, die, etc. There are many reasons why a client will stop coming to see you. Always keep proactive in your marketing and keep your marketing specific to who you are targeting and you can’t go wrong!

My best wishes to you,

Amy Roberts

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