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One of the greatest challenges to being a sole trading massage Therapist is getting clients. In fact it’s painful when you have trouble doing it. So now we're going to share some valuable info with you.


Why We Need Marketing... 

We need marketing to get new clients.  We use our marketing to educate clients about the need to have massage with us.  We need marketing because it is an opportunity for people to know who we are what we do and not only that, but how we do it, risk free to them.  Your marketing creates your professional image; an image, which once created, cannot be broken.  Once you create your image, you are actually creating your reputation. As someone in a caring profession, your reputation will be the only thing you will truly own. You can’t buy or purchase reputation.

We need marketing because it creates a message.  It gives the world a chance to see how professional and how good we are as therapists and as business people.  So what message do you want to give the world?  Do you want to tell the world how long massage as been around?  Or do you want to tell the world you have the solution to their problem? 

This month's tip:


"How to know who your massage clients are-finding a target market"

One of the secrets to getting clients in your massage therapy business is to understand who your clients are, as a group. In other words, understanding who your target market is. The reason you must know who your target market is, simply put, is so that you can find your potential clients now and in the future.  Half of the battle is over when you actually know who you are marketing to.  Many massage therapists actually think that "every body" is their target market, why is this?  Because we are under the impression that because massage is good for every body and every body needs it then obviously this is a target market.

This is so far from the truth!  You see in order to gain clients you first have to know who your clients are. Once you know who your clients then you can market to them and increase the level of clients the come through your massage business. This is the sole purpose of knowing who your target market is.

Let me back track a bit. What we have to understand as massage therapists running our own practise is that clients will not magically come to us when we open the door.  This is a common misconception when we go from freshly graduating, to becoming business owners. Don't let the term ‘business owner’ put you off, it is simply what you are.  You own your own massage business.

 As soon as you make the decision to go out on your own you have become a ‘business owner’ who works in the business as Massage Therapist.  And as a responsible business owner you must know about getting clients. The objective of business is to gain clients.  So we must know where to start.

 Your ‘target market’ is simply describing the people that you are targeting to do business with.  It describes the key element that you must do in your business.  And that means really knowing who your target market.

Your target market can be found by do in a breakdown of all the people that you think or do currently come to use a massage.  You need to do a breakdown your clients to find out who they are. Once you do this you will find it a lot easier out to know who you’re actually marketing to and it will make it easier to actually find more people like them.

This process of finding out the type of person who comes to you doesn't take forever. You will be able to find them a lot easier than guess work that you may have done in the past. Always proceed in this fashion and you will find marketing, networking and generally getting clients a lot easier than the old way...guessing and hoping for the best.

Hoping for the best is time consuming, painful and ineffective. By taking the necessary steps to intelligently discovering who your clients are will take you to new heights of success in your massage business.

Want to get more clients in your massage business?

If you want to get more clients and keep them coming back for the lifetime of your massage career then its important you get the right education by someone who's done it all before, and, teaches you how to do it.

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