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Starting A Massage Business...

Building Up A Massage Clientel For Rest of The Year (Part 1):

sampleIt takes courage to start your own business and massage therapy is no exception. It’s a big step graduating, taking a new turn in your life and going out on your own.

But it doesn’t have to be so scary with the right planning and approach. A Massage business is like any other business- well let’s clarify that the principles are the same.

You need a plan of how you are going to get clients, that’s the first thing to do. Its not use saying you are a self employed Massage Therapist until you have clients. And getting those clients takes a strategy.

So how can you develop this strategy to get clients? First thing to do is to look at how you want to work. Do you want to specialise in sports massage? Relaxation massage? Deep Tissue? These answers pave the way for the types of clients you are going to get. When you know what types of clients you are aiming for then you can start marketing to those groups of people.

Massage Therapy marketing depends on the target clients you are aiming for. For example if you are aiming to treat people with sports massage, I can bet you won’t get a whole lot of pregnant women knocking on your door.

Get clear who you are marketing to and devise a way of how to get to them. Start by working out the types of problems they have and work out a way where you can strike up a conversation (either in print or real life) where you can help to answer their concerns.

Marketing should never be forced or an uncomfortable process. It should be as easy as having a conversation with someone, because that’s all marketing is. It’s just a conversation between two people and you happen to have the answer that can help them.

So get started on your planning now and make 2008 a great year for your massage business.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a successful Massage Therapist then visit www.massagetherapysuccess.com

My best wishes to you,

Amy Roberts

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