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Building Up A Massage Clientel For Rest of The Year (Part 2):


Getting new, and more, clients can be a somewhat daunting process for many Massage Therapists. However, with some simple ways for attracting and keeping new clients the process isn’t as overwhelming as once thought.

Building up a massage clientel needs to begin with a lucid idea on who your clients are. This will give you a fine idea on what problems they have and how you can help them. This kind of thinking allows you to break down certain parts of your client’s psychology and the reasons for them coming to you in the first place. With this type of information you can create some pretty amazing marketing where people will take notice of you.

Let’s take a step back and look at this objectively. You have attracted your clients for a certain reason. That reason might be that you do sports massage or that you do deep tissue and trigger point massage. Or perhaps that you do a gentle, relaxation massage. Whatever reason it is for them becoming your clients; you need to find out what it is. The reason you need to find out why they come is so you can attract more people like them.

People can be grouped together based on similar needs. Needs create a desire, and desire creates a willingness to take action. In your case, that action is picking up the phone and dialing your number for help.

The key here is to find out why they are all coming to you. What need or desire do they have? In other words what do they get out of the massage with you? What benefits do they experience?

You may have discovered they come to you for relaxation massage but that’s not the need. The need might be because they are suffering from stress and need more relaxation or it might be that they have tight muscles but are not able to stand a deeper massage. The underlying reason might be to feel a deeper sense of relaxation or perhaps to get relief from a persistent injury. Once you dig a little deeper into the exact reasons why your clients come, and what it is that they share in common, you can formulate a marketing plan to attract more people like them to your massage business.

A good way to begin is when they come to you for their massage treatment you can simply ask them “Karen do you mind if I ask you a question? What was the reason you chose me to come to for massage? I’m asking so I can improve my marketing.”

Karen might reply that she had been experiencing shoulder pain for the last 6 months and finally decided to do something about. A friend told her about you. You might realise that Karen has shoulder pain because of a previous injury and the continuous typing on the computer exacerbates it. You find that she gets relief from the massage each month. She also finds it convenient because you do after hours appointments.

So now you know that Karen comes to you for release of pain she gets from your massage. You know this because she told you that she experiences a significant degree of relief. You also know that Karen works in an office and can only come at 7pm weeknights.

Do you see what is happening? You are devising the basis for your marketing. You can’t create effective marketing if you do not strike a cord with your target market. Your target market is people like Karen. People of who work in an office, experience tight muscles from the computer and can only come after hours.  This is your basic breakdown of your client. Once you have this in place you begin to understand so much more about your massage business than many Therapists before you.

Get started on asking your clients why they come to you and find the similarities. Then take those similarities and turn them into problem solving points for your marketing. I’ll talk more next time about how to take those points and create some pretty effective marketing for your massage business. Until then, get started on asking your clients why they come to you, why they chose you and how they feel you can help them.

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My best wishes to you,

Amy Roberts

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